Sorry if today’s post is too long, I didn’t have time to write a shorter one

George Bernard Shaw, a big fan of Technical PR, Engineering PR, Industrial PR, Manufacturing PR and Electronics PR apparently. He would have wanted to fit more characters into his Twweets for sure.If, like both George Bernard Shaw and I, you often find that your letters are too long because you don’t have time to write short ones, then new Web site Tweet Compressor is for you. The site allows you to reduce the number of characters in your Tweets by replacing groups of two or three characters with a single letter that looks the same.

Now, this isn’t going to allow you to turn War & Peace, or even your latest press release, into a Tweet. But it does increase the amount of text you can fit into a typical update by about ten or fifteen per cent.

This is particularly useful if you want to include a marketing message and a real URL (rather than a Tiny URL) in a Tweet. All of sudden, a statement that would have previously been undermined by an untrustworthy looking tiny URL can be instead enhanced with something that promotes your brand. Don’t get me wrong, I love tiny URLs for other reasons, but they can make you think twice about whether the Web site you are being directed to is legit.

So, I once wrote that ‘you can’t end the recession in only 140 characters’. And now we appear to have both ended the recession and broken through the 140 character limit. George Bernard Shaw would have been proud.

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