Will Google re-name Page Rank?

Technical PR, Engineering PR, Industrial PR, Manufacturing PRA week or so ago I wrote about Google’s decision to stop using Page Rank as an important factor in its algorithm. Since I wrote that piece, there has been further comment from Google on the subject; which is fast becoming a hot topic. Indeed, there has been speculation over on Web Pro News that Google will be giving Page Rank a new name and a new role.

Google’s Pet Norvig said, "There's a technical formula that's Page Rank, which is the way of judging the links between pages, and that's just one component of how we rank the pages and you get your final search results. There are all these other things that come in, but they don't have a catchy name. So some people apply Page Rank to mean all the components that give you the final ranking, and that's where we get confused. So probably we need some other term for that...We'll get some marketing guys on it."

This seems to reinforce the argument that I put forward in my last piece that the underlying factors that influence Page Rank also influence your search visibility. But where does that leave you in terms of attempting to drive your site up the rankings?

Well, the bottom line is that the things that used to work still work and will still influence your Page Rank and your position in search. But it’s now even harder to tell when something stops being effective – Page Rank was at least an easy way to measure efficacy; no matter what it was called.

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