Turning your Web site into a social network

Technical PR, Engineering PR, Industrial PR, Manufacturing PRPromoting your company via social networking is now a required part of the marketing mix for most companies. But have you considered creating a social network for your company?

There are two really useful software platforms that allow you to do this – Ning and Status.net. The former allows you to create rounded social networks while the latter is billed as a ‘platform that enables communities, brands and organisations to incorporate micro messaging into their own web domain’.

Both of these platforms are simple enough to begin using yourself and both are either free or low cost. Of course, if you want to commission an agency to develop the platform for you, Stone Junction would be happy to help.

The benefits of doing this can be varied – a network could be created to help your distributors and integrators keep in touch. Or it could be for keeping salesmen on the road in contact. It could be for your entire company, as a method of internal communication, or if you are feeling ambitious you could create one for your customers. You can even develop an associated smartphone application so that the whole shebang can be used on the move.

Ultimately, I think this is one of the directions the internet will take as it develops over the next few years. Once more, it’s time to decide whether you want to be ahead of the crowd or wait to see how things develop. Both are fair strategies with different pros and cons in my opinion. The key is to make the decision one way or the other.

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Richard Stone

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