New EEF chief executive has advertising experience

The EEF, Technical PR, Engineering PR, Industrial PR, Manufacturing PRThis morning’s FT sees manufacturing correspondent Peter Marsh reporting on the appointment of Ferranti’s Terry Scuoler as the new chief executive of the EEF (Engineering Employer’s Federation). Marsh’s report is, on balance, quite enthusiastic about what Scuoler might achieve in his time in the role. The FT’s manufacturing expert rightly points to Scuoler’s time in industry and his financial background as key reasons why he will do well. However, I think another factor could have a strong bearing on his success; Scuoler’s time in niche advertising sales.

Of all the marketing experts I know, the ones who can most accurately be described as ‘on the frontline’ are the ad sales execs. Their salaries depend on what they can sell and what they can sell depends on their product positively influencing their client’s businesses. I believe that this experience will keep Scuoler’s attention very closely focused on UK engineering’s balance sheet in the right way. Rather than looking to recommend cuts I hope he will be focused on, sensible and measured, expansion.

Of course, this may not necessarily be achieved using the kind of niche advertising Scuoler used to sell. The marketing mix has developed substantially since he left advertising, with the roles of advertising and PR swapping places as the chief mediums at the marketing table. We have also seen the advent of the Internet and the mobile phone, which have both changed the mix immeasurably. But the crux is that yet another senior player in the UK marketing industry will be approaching his job with a marketing head fixed firmly in place, which can only be a good thing.

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