How to display your ‘favourite’ videos on your company YouTube channel

How to display your ‘favourite’ videos on your company YouTube channel: Technical PR, Engineering PR, Industrial PR, Manufacturing PRYouTube is a bit of mystery to most people, for whom just watching videos is the extent of the action they take there. However, for lots of businesses, YouTube is a key marketing channel and an essential part of their technical PR campaign. Nevertheless, because the site is owned by Google, and Google is not great at social media, optimising your channel often remains something of am unknown quantity.

So I thought I would devote some Blog posts over the next few weeks to removing the ambiguity that surrounds this particular marketing channel.

Rather than starting with ‘how to create a channel’, which is a fairly straightforward, I thought I would begin with something that most people forget. YouTube is social media, which means you should take some social action on the site.

One of the key ways of doing this is finding videos that feature your product and making them ‘favourites’ on your channel. Once you have done this, you can then display them next to your own uploaded videos.

As well as encouraging the original video poster to subscribe to your channel, this will create the perception that your product is widely used and has genuine ‘fans’. Here’s an example from Stone Junction client TM Robotics – note the number of videos in the favourites section, posted by individuals who are entirely unrelated to the company.

And how do you do it? Simple; sign in to your account, select the ‘videos and playlists’ tab, check the box that says ‘favourites’ under the heading ‘Which content would you like to display?’ and the box that says ‘Also show "All" view’ beneath this box. Then select ‘all my stuff’ from the dropdown menu beneath ‘Featured content set’. Save your changes and you are done – your channel is simultaneously more social and stuffed with additional content.

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