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Technical PR, Engineering PR, Industrial PR, Manufacturing PRInspiration is a funny thing; most activities don’t actually require it but it helps with almost everything. A recent article in the excellent Smashing Magazine has highlighted a method to help designers find inspiration by looking outside their own field and focusing instead on fashion, architecture, board games or any one of a host of other areas of design.

I’ve said before that I think this can be a helpful tactic for designers of industrial marketing materials to employ. One only has to look through a typical trade magazine to see how uninspired most of the adverts are.

But can this method of seeking inspiration help one write a press release, design a Google AdWords campaign or produce a Blog post? I believe that it can. The use of language, like the use of visual effects in a design, is often unique to the user and can be quite original. As a result, turning to Shakespeare, Charles Dickens or even Malcolm Gladwell can provide you with a different lexicon on which to base your text.

Of course, the objective with business communication is to be clear; so you may find that the exact words that inspire you are out of the question in your own writing. Just as a designer drawing inspiration from fashion, architecture or board games can’t simply copy the visual idiom that originally struck their creative spark. Nevertheless the rhythm of language, its structure and the use of literary techniques, from metaphor to juxtaposition, can all help. And don’t forget, it all else fails, just write the damn copy anyway. After all, inspiration is helpful – not essential!

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