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We like interesting stuff here at Stone Junction, particularly when it’s pertinent to marketing technology or engineering technology. Not surprising really? Most people like interesting stuff don’t they? And I’ve found some interesting stuff I thought I would share with you – it’s from Global Spec’s Marketing Maven newsletter.

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"Online marketing - According to this picture, it's mostly about being handed @ signs by etheral hands poking out of your computer. Good, that's what I thought..."

The interesting stuff in question is an article on the value of Blogs, RSS, Webinars and Podcasts for engineering technology related firms. If that’s the sort of thing you like, and you probably do if you’re reading my Blog, you can take a look at it here: Interesting stuff from Marketing Maven.

You can even subscribe to the Marketing Maven newsletter by e-mailing It will almost certainly convince you of the value of online PR and marketing things in general. When it has done so, you can always come back here and talk to me about your needs… Whoops, one isn’t supposed to be that commercial on a Blog. Never mind…

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